Happy New Year! May all your New Year’s Interiors come true!

Having had a terrific 2013 we at Jill Greaves Design Inc would like to thank all of our clients, showrooms and suppliers for contributing to our success and helping us to serve our client “friends and family” throughout the year. We are looking forward to another wonderful year filled with gorgeous interiors, sumptuous rooms, spectacular views and plenty of sunshine.
Thank you and may all your New Year’s Interiors Come True!

Highlights of the year for us!
Interior Design Magazine – Conrad New York – January 2013
Conrad New York
the Globe and Mail – Conrad New York – January 26 2013
IDS13 – Interior Design Show 2013 – Speaker – Toronto
Reader’s Digest Canada – August Issue – Bathroom Renovation Tips
Reno and Decor Magazine – August/September Issue – Our Favorite Finishes
the Globe and Mail – Designer Tool Kit – December 19 2013
Several Spectacular Projects in the works – looking forward to sharing these in the year to come.


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